25 Jan 2011

Aye man, I've been to Newcastle

Well, it's been a busy few weeks with little time for making anything.

Last week, I went on work trip to Newcastle, land of the geordies. So, I took the opportunity to walk along the quayside and make some images. Luckily it wa a beautiful clear day (although rather cold) and there was a lovely sunset.

I just love the Gateshead Millenium Bridge - it's both beautiful with its elegant sweeping curves and a wonderful engineering project. Unfortunately I wasn't there at the right time to see it tilt.


 I'm  less keen on the Sage Gateshead. It's a bit too 'blobby' and bulbous for my tastes.

 Some of the other bridges over the Tyne:

I popped into the Baltic, and saw Blackout by Dan Holdsworth - pictures of glaciers in Iceland. They had had their colours reversed so that the sky appeared black and the glaciers white- apparently they are black in Iceland due to volcanic ash. They appeared rather lunar as a result.

Blackout by Dan Holdsworth. Image Source: Baltic Mill

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