6 Feb 2011

Rainbow embroidery sampler

I love my sewing machine (a Bernina activa 230PE) but I haven't really made the most of all its features. One thing I'd really like to use more is some of its decorative embroidery stitches. However, the stitch card it came with doesn't really give a full idea of what the stitches look like in use.

So, I decided to make a sampler which I can refer to when I want to select a stitch. I actually started this in November, and have been working on it in small bursts. Today, I finally finished the samplers off.

Each one is postcard sized (10 x 15cm) for easy reference and storage.

1 comment:

CraftyLikeLindy said...

So jealous! I love those stiches...My machine doesn't have any fancy ones but I still need to do something similar so I know what the stitches are.

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