26 Feb 2016

Creative mending: rocket patch on little trousers

My 3 year old son wore through the knee of  his trousers but they still fit very well. I suspect this might the first of many times this happens, so I could took the opportunity to try some creative mending.

I had to open up the outside side seam as I couldn't get the leg onto my sewing machine free arm. 

I used bondaweb to attach a large patch of fabric on the inside to strengthen the knee and appliquéd a rocket shape over the worn patch.  I used straight stitch to do the flames,  the built in stitches on my machine to add some  stars and free machine embroidery to add a planet. 

The final step was to sew up the side seam  again and done! 

As both pieces of fabric I used were recycled from old trousers,  the project ticked all my boxes  -  it was  environmentally friendly,  budget friendly and fun to do.

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