10 Apr 2011

Postcard swap part 3

Here are all the flower postcards that I made for the postcard swap:

Flower Postcard 1

Flower Postcard 2

Flower Postcard 3

Flower Postcard 4

As this last one was going within the UK, I sent it naked - no envelope. I hope Royal Mail treat it well.

I used camellia petals, forget-me-nots and cherry blossoms from my garden. The results were very variable - some of the petals turned brownish, some bits didn't stick properly and the cherry blossom went very transparent. Despite their imperfections and the wonkiness of the stitched lines, I think the postcards have an antique looking charm about them. Flowers are in bloom for such a short time that it's nice to capture them in postcards.

1 comment:

Genki said...

These are so pretty, what a creative idea. The forget-me-nots are so sweet!

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