10 Apr 2011

Postcard Swap part 1

I used to collect postcards and have recently rediscovered them as something to make. They're great as they are quite small and so not too large a project, yet big enough to really fully try out new ideas and techniques.

For iHanna's DIY postcard swap, I made 10 postcards and tried out two new techniques. The first was collage using envelopes. I experimented with the idea of windows, some of which are shake-able.(Here they are in full)

Envelope postcards

For the other set, I used real flowers. ( Here you can see them all.)

Flower postcards

I used the rainbow embridery sampler postcards I made to choose the stitch patterns for the embroidery. For the envelope postcards, I chose graphic designs to match the patterns on the envelopes. Of course, for the flower postcards, I chose a flowery stitch.

I'm really pleased with how they all turned out. It was fun making them. Don't tell MrMango but I did make qute a mess!



Andria said...

Very cool postcards. Love those first envelope cards. You used the liners of business envelopes, right? I just mentioned in a recent blog post how neat they are to use in art, and your postcards are a super example of that!

thebigmango said...

Yes, that's right - they are the inside of the envelopes my bills and letters from the bank arrive in.

Andria said...

It kind of makes the "bad news" of bills a little easier to take when you can use the envelopes in your art! :-)

EWian said...

Both of your design look wonderful, thanks for sharing.


iHanna said...

Oh such fun postcards. This idea just makes me smile big over here in Sweden, it's just so playful and great. Thanks for sharing. Love the petals especially, oh well, I looove envelope patterns too. Thanks for sharing1

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